“But the plans of the Lord stand firm forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations.”

– Psalms 33:11

Yesterday, I emphasized that the best thing you can do is to release the fire, the power, and the life within you that comes from the Holy Spirit. I encouraged you to get into the fight for your values and your life. Fight for your family, your finances, and your health. Someone who is pious might think this doesn’t sound very spiritual. I would like you to know, my friend, that all of it is spiritual. There is a spiritual component to everything we do in life.

It’s also beneficial to know that the little things in life matter to God. And guess what? He cares about all of them! God doesn’t want you to say, “My finances don’t matter, my health doesn’t matter, my dream doesn’t matter, and my future doesn’t matter.” He doesn’t want you to say those things because He cares about those things. As God’s children, these comments and thoughts are unhealthy because He cares about those circumstances and their outcomes. In the end, it’s all spiritual and it all matters to God.

Friend, if God doesn’t care about our health, why did Jesus heal so many people? The Lord healed more than a few people; He healed them all. When Solomon received wisdom from God, why did God enrich him with money if wealth doesn’t matter to God? Why did He remove Solomon’s money when he bowed down to other idols? How is it that God created a family to save the world, namely the family of Abraham, if your family doesn’t matter? Why did He give Joseph a dream if dreams are meaningless? There is no doubt that all these things matter to God, but it is up to us to fight for them!


Father, please increase my awareness of the things you care about.


Are you aware that everything has a spiritual aspect?

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