It is Not Good to be Alone

“The Lord God said, ‘It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.’”

– Genesis 2:18

Though some of us who grew up in church are very familiar with the story of Creation, I believe there are many lessons to learn from it, even in our lives today. For the next few days, I want to look at just a few of the things the Lord teaches us through the events surrounding the arrival of life on the planet. First of all, at the end of every major phase of Creation, the Bible says that God saw all that He had made and that it was good. However, in Genesis 2, after He fashioned Adam, there is a noticeable discrepancy in the words used. For the first time, we see that something was not good — for man to be alone. Everything God created was pleasant and agreeable to His Spirit, except for a person living in isolation. As we know, the Lord’s solution was to put Adam into a deep sleep and create for him, from his own flesh, a perfect wife and helpmate by the name of Eve. However, beyond the context of marriage, I believe this verse speaks to the importance of relationship in God’s design for us as people.

My friend, it is not good for you to be alone! When you’ve been hurt, it’s easy to become distrustful and pull away from relationships for fear of being vulnerable; however, if you do that, you’re walking straight into a trap that Satan has set to further harm you. Don’t take the bait of safety and build walls around your wounded heart to protect it. Instead, resist the temptation to become calloused and choose to stay connected to other safe individuals. You need people to reflect the image of Jesus Christ in your life and to shine His love and truth on your soul. Only as you are shaped, uplifted, counseled, comforted, and loved by others will you grow into all the goodness He has in store for you! 

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Jesus, I know that I need people. Please bring others into my life who will reflect your heart and goodness. 


Do you have safe and connected relationships? 

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