“Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that the family of believers throughout the world is undergoing the same kind of sufferings.”

– 1 Peter 5:8,9

One thing Scripture makes clear is that our adversary means business. John 10:10 says that “the thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy,” and 1 Peter tells us that he roams around like a lion, looking for someone to devour. And while I don’t think we should focus too much on the devil as a rule, it’s wise to be aware of his schemes, particularly so we have the right perspective on difficult people. We’ve been learning that there’s a spiritual war raging around us, and as such, it’s important to note that the battle isn’t entirely unseen. The truth is that Satan sometimes assumes flesh by way of unsuspecting individuals and uses them to do his bidding. In fact, he often works through the words, actions, and expressions of others to distract, annoy, and frustrate God’s children. Since there’s nothing he can do to alter our salvation, he tries to mess with our abundant life, and he may well use someone else’s skin and bones to do it. In sharing this, my point is simply to invite us to remember that when we’re being provoked, it’s often a spirit within a person and not the person themself. Therefore, it’s critical to fight the battle in prayer instead of waging war in slander against the human subject.

My friend, you are a warrior in God’s army, and He has given you all the power you need to be victorious in your Christian walk. Though the devil is continually coming against you — often through others — you can take authority over his schemes by acknowledging that you’re fighting spirits, not people. By refusing to battle in the flesh and letting the Holy Spirit do the work, you inherit victory and disarm the forces of darkness in supernaturally-impactful ways.


Jesus, when I’m assaulted by spirits working through other people, help me to fight in prayer rather than waging a personal attack.


How can you battle in prayer the next time the devil uses someone else to frustrate you?

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  1. I believe that the devil disguises himself as Isis and his band of radical Islamic jihadists to thwart the freedoms that the people of Afghanistan are trying so hard to keep.It is so horrible to read about how they are unable to maintain peace and stability in that country.My heart grieves for those who have lost their lives. We as a nation should get down on our knees and thank God for what our forefathers have given us. Which is Life Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.I pray for our President Joe Biden and his family.And also for Vice President Kamala Harris and her family that they are kept safe and secure from all forms of evil and sickness.To all at Shepherd’s Grove. Sending messages of peace love and good tidings. To the Schuller family. That they continue to stay healthy. To the Hour of Power Choir and Orchestra much thanks and appreciation for the glorious music and singing.As always I remain a faithful viewer and Happy and Wholesome Student in Jesus Christ.
    May God protect our Country from the evils of terrorism. Amen Amen and Amen

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