It’s In the Little Decisions

“Better a little with righteousness than much gain with injustice.”

– Proverbs 16:8

Today I would like to talk about the importance of the little things in life. Everywhere we look, we see big things like big personalities, large buildings, large organizations, and big successes in life. It’s easy for us to forget that the big things we admire and try to emulate are actually built up from little things. We tend to ignore the fact that those grandiose buildings in our big cities were made over time with thousands of small bricks, tiny screws, and bolts.

We want a “big life” but are we paying attention to the details? Take for instance when we watch a movie or play a video. We don’t realize that each second is composed of 24 images or “frames.” When you watch one second, you will see 24 frames per second. So in reality, it’s an illusion made up of thousands of these images in a row that are all slightly different from the other. Similarly, when you are listening to a symphony orchestra with an ensemble composed of wind, string, brass and percussion instruments, it’s still made up of tiny notes. And we all know how just one incorrect note can make a song go awry. 

Friend, would you like to live a big life? The key lies in the little decisions you make. To live a great life, you must change the little decisions you make. All of us want more from life, but to get more, you must become more. To live a bigger life, you must become a bigger person. Life will get better when you get better. You can achieve this by deciding to change your thoughts, change your actions, and have a new will that is infused with God’s life and spirit! 


Father, give me your wisdom when it comes to making small decisions.


Are you aware of the impact of your small decisions?

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  1. Yes. The Spirit lives in the small things of life. I daily recite 1Cor 16:13-14, the last line of which is “Let all that you do be done with love.”

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