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It’s Official – We’re Moving to Irvine!

We are so incredibly blessed and excited for this opportunity to join forces with Irvine Presbyterian Church and to further advance God’s Kingdom, from Irvine!

Beginning on Palm Sunday, Shepherd’s Grove will be worshiping in Irvine and will be moving offices shortly after.

We are trusting God during this process and can see Him working to open doors, make connections, and to make this entire move possible. We are certain that God is going to do big things in the lives of this church family, the people in the fifteen feet of space around us, and beyond!  

We are so thankful for your prayers and support. God is using YOU to help us reach millions with God’s message of love and dignity. Without you, this would not be possible. You are truly propelling this ministry forward as we continue to do Kingdom work. We would like to invite you to prayerfully consider how you can support this next chapter of God’s ministry at Hour of Power and Shepherd’s Grove.

God loves you and so do we!

If you feel lead to give, click here for more information. 

31 thoughts on “It’s Official – We’re Moving to Irvine!

  1. So happy about this move God is a God of Restoration. Thank you Bobby and Hannah for your faithfulness.

  2. Rose Jurgaitis says:

    I still wish your were in the Crystal Cathedral Church that I visited several years ago.

  3. Wilbert Davies says:

    I have many happy memories of visits to the Chrystal Cathedral from the UK with my late wife.

  4. Michelle says:

    Why are you moving so soon?

    1. Megan Ewbank says:

      We’ve been working on this possibility for awhile — so we are excited to start in Irvine! Also, our rent at our current building went up to 75,000 at the beginning of this year, so we are trying to save money in Irvine!

      1. Deb Pate' says:

        Good for you!
        Move forward in the plans HE has for you!!!
        (Hebrews 11:1)
        I pray that God blesses this entire ministry. You have seen hardhips, but Faith in God’s work, His will, and His way, will see you through! Stay Strong!
        I love you sisters and brothers in Christ.

  5. Doug Long says:

    I watch Hour of Power on TBN about every Saturday night… the Lord is on the move!
    Hoping to visit the new Irvine location soon…

  6. Matthew and Pamela Foss (IPC Deacons) says:

    We are so happy to welcome Shepard’s Grove to Irvine and join in ministry with Irvine Presbyterian Church. We feel this is all God’s work and we are excited to see where the Lord takes us on this wonderful journey. May God continue to bless us and provide for us as a combined congregation.

    Happy Easter!!!

  7. Dear Pastor Bobby and Hannah and children (Haven and Cohen),
    Thank you for all you do to keep this church family together! What love
    of your congregation! So humbling. You are strong when we are unaware of
    the burdens. Thank you. This is what a Shepherd does. The Shepherd ‘leads’, as you are doing so well. Thank you for managing your resources carefully
    and choosing to keep our church family in good stead – especially in line with our budget.

    I am positive you made an excellent decision to join in with our Christian brothers and sisters at the Presbyterian Church in Irvine. Better yet? Something tells me? Our LORD thinks so too. (smile)

    Wu-who! Lets go! Time to grow! It;s Spring!

    (Thank you Jesus! Thank you Pastor Bobby and Hannah & Staff – you are loved!

  8. Diane Mobley says:

    To Pastor Bobby and Hannah: Thank you for rescuing me. I turned on the tv back in June/July and I saw your sermon. I was captivated, I haven’t missed a single episode since. Praise God for your move. Blessings, Diane.

  9. Scott Rhyner says:

    Bobby, you are both amazing and an inspiration in faith. I recall about a year ago hearing on the Hour of Power your request for a new facility. I was thinking, oh sure, what’s the odds of finding an available church in your local area? Pretty far fetched I thought. And now I hear you’ve moved to such a church facility in nearby Irvine. I would have been afraid to even mention such a hopeless possibility, but by putting the need out, you seemed sure it would happen. AND IT DID! I look forward to my next visit to San Diego and up to Irvine to visit you again, now in your new church facility. So Thank You Bobby and all your staff for encouraging me to think outside the box with those seemingly hopeless possibilities.

  10. Stewart C Niblack says:

    May God Bless The Hour of Power ministry wherever it goes. For the wisdom of this world is folly with God. For it is written, “He catches the wise in their craftiness,” 1 Cor 3:19

  11. Alan says:

    I watched the Hour of Power today, April 21, and I think the look and the acoustic sound in the new location in Irvine is great!

  12. Carl Schaapman says:

    I was very shocked by the change in locations. I trust that the blending of the two congregations will smooth in time.

    Will the Organ from shepard’s grove be moving to the new church?

    I really enjoy the music and think the Organ is very important.

    As an Eagle club member for a very long time. We will be praying for all of you and look forward to a stronger and

    1. Greatly miss the organ at the new location – when will it be brought into the new Irvine sanctuary? If I remember correctly, the current organ came from Fred Swan’s home. We love the Hour of Power, but it definitely now lacks the important foundation of organ accompaniment – for both congregational singing and the choir. PLEASE bring it back

      1. Megan Ewbank says:

        It’s here!

        We are working to get it installed.

  13. Phyllis says:

    It is a lovely bright building. We are all in Jesus’s church body. May God’s word continue to be sent forth around the world.

  14. doug myers says:

    Wish you would open a satellite church in Phoenix AZ. your teaching is excellent.

    1. Linda Ritter says:

      I love the Hour of Power Program. I used to live in Phoenix, Arizona. Unfortunately, circumstances brought me back home to Pennsylvania. I understand that there is a reason for everything in this life. I wish The Hour of Power the best in their new location.

  15. Myrna Weiland says:

    Would like a big organ in the new church location, preferably a pipe organ. I pray this is possible in the future. Thank you for considering this! In Christ’s name ~ Myrna Weiland

  16. Rick dalman says:

    Having been raised in RCA ( live in Holland Mi.) quite a disappointment to hear you are leaving RCA.
    I am now disabled and depend on my tablet for much of my church.
    Love the music and Bobby’s messages.
    Also love the music, what about that organ?
    Why can’t you stay Reformed, it started the whole thing with your Grandparents? Have them join the RCA.

  17. Rand Stephensonn says:

    I love the sound of a wonderful organ ….. will the Rodgers be move to the new Church? There are wind-blown pipework available for that Rodgers, which would augment and bring life to the digital electronics.

    Has the church board ever given any thought to contacting the Walker Technical Company with regard to building a custom digital version of the Hazel Wright Organ from the Crystal Cathedral? Walker builds one of the finest instruments in the world

  18. Nice building. You have much good to preach Bobby. I remember your first sermon in the Crystal Cathedral when you were a teen.

    I’m curious as to how Dutch Reform and Presbyterian go together?
    Or is there two different faiths having each their own services?

    1. Michael says:

      Good question. Please advise. Thank you

  19. How can I find a phone number to call the church says:

    How can I find a phone number to call the church

    1. Megan Ewbank says:

      It’s 714-971-4001!

  20. BH says:

    I see lots of comments regarding the building’s aesthetics and the organ. While all of these are nice perks, none are essential to the Gospel or corporate worship. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter if it is a synthesizer or a pipe organ creating the music. Nobody accepts Christ by pipe organ. If the church has to move again to a T-shirt shop in Garden Grove, the Truth will still be the Truth and ministry can still be carried out.

    1. Scott Rhyner says:

      While I agree that an organ is not a requirement for worship, it adds so much to a worship experience, especially for those who have come to enjoy an organ incorporated into the worship service. I for one am really glad to see the church organ once again functional in the worship experience.

  21. Lajo says:

    Bobby you have been blessed. Changes are a part of life and sometimes we do not understand why but somewhere down the road God gives us the answer.

  22. Great moves require great obedience! Thanks for listening to the Holy Spirit … and for being a good steward of God’s resources. An even GREATER future awaits you.

  23. Doug Gleave says:

    I love worshipping with Bobby and Hannah as I watch the Hour of Power. Bobby’s message are enlightening, illustrated by his world, informed by Christ and inspiring!
    How can I donate directly to your current church. Thank you!

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