“For there is one God and one mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus.”

– 1 Timothy 2:5

I think one of the best ways to envision how Jesus, our advocate and mediator, intervenes in our lives is to imagine a courtroom in Heaven. Packed full of people and ripe with anticipation, everyone looks intently at the judge. The defendant is on trial for a multitude of criminal offenses, and the prosecutor is the mangy old devil. He snarls as each new witness takes the stand, and he determinedly accuses and builds a case against the suspect. In his closing argument, he passionately declares, “Your Honor, the accused is addicted to pain pills, she’s really jealous of the lady at her job, she’s mean to her kids, and she just said a horrible thing to her sister.” On hearing him, the room goes totally silent, and it’s clear that the helpless woman has no way to plead…except guilty. However, in a sudden and unexpected turn of events, the defense attorney — Jesus Christ — stands up, and with all the authority of Heaven, exclaims, “No, Your Honor, she’s forgiven. She’s chosen. She’s justified. And she is the righteousness of God. The price for her pardon has already been paid, and this is a done deal.” As everyone gasps, there’s a profound sense of relief, and the defendant runs to her Savior and embraces Him. The last thing on her mind in that moment is to reject His gift by saying, “No, Your Honor, he’s right. I deserve to be punished.” Yet this is how many of us behave in the face of the perfect and complete forgiveness that’s been bestowed upon us. Because we’re deceived by the prosecutor’s testimony against us, we fail to believe that we’re free to run in the grace and liberty that bring abundant life, and we never access the true power of the Gospel.

My friend, don’t try to undo the goodness of Jesus by beating yourself up. That’s not holiness, it’s arrogance, and it will never lead you to the overflowing and fruitful existence He wants you to have. As soon as you said “yes” to salvation, you were brought into the Lord’s family for all of eternity, and nothing you say or do can alter His perfect love for you. By allowing His grace to flow into your circumstances, you inherit a life so free that it naturally draws others to Him without any manner of insecurity, striving, or struggle.


Jesus, thank you for being my advocate and for pardoning me fully and completely. I refuse to strive any longer to earn your favor.


Do you ever try to earn God’s love and acceptance, even though you already have it?

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