Jesus Invites You to the Table

“When the Pharisees saw this, they asked his disciples, ‘Why does your teacher eat with tax collectors and sinners?’ ”

– Matthew 9:11

Have you thought about having an eating ministry the way Jesus did? Jesus dined with people from all walks of life; from the elite to the worst of sinners. Is there someone you feel reluctant about but are supposed to love? Invite them over for some good food, especially if you’re a good cook. God doesn’t make good cooks for no reason, He makes them for reconciliation. If you’re not a great cook, ask for help!

One of my favorite stories is from Daryl Davis, a committed Christian and black man. Back in the 1960s in Massachusetts when he was ten years old, he was the only black kid in his Boy Scout troop. At this tender age, he’d never experienced racism. As a Boy Scout, he was participating in a march through town and was the one carrying the American flag. All of a sudden, he started to feel things being thrown at him, like beer cans and food scraps. This was the first time his mom and dad had to explain racism to him. And so in life, he made it his calling to constantly reach out to people that he knew were racist. One day, he invited Roger Kelly, Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, over for dinner under the guise it was an interview to hear about the Clan.

Friend, he keeps inviting this man over for dinner. Over the years they become great friends and eventually Roger repents and gives his life to Christ. As a committed Christian, Daryl Davis did exactly what Jesus taught in the most effective way! Darryl Davis has an eating ministry, and I have an eating ministry. I make a million-dollar mac ‘n cheese I serve up! There’s something about preparing and hospitality; inviting people to your table that breaks down so many of these walls that we put up.


Father, thank you for helping me to have an eating ministry the way Jesus did.


Who are you willing to invite to your table?

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