Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

Matthew 5:10

Today I want to tell you: Jesus is not safe. You are right. There’s a story in Lion Witch and the Wardrobe where C.S. Lewis talks about Aslan, who is the Jesus character as a lion. The girl is trying to understand who this lion is. And she says: “So he’s safe.” And one of the characters who knows Aslan says: “He is not safe, he is dangerous, but he is good.” And that is who Christ is. He is dangerous. He will call you into scary places. But the soul needs the crucible. Do you know what a crucible is? A crucible is a clay cylinder that is used for refining gold. You put an alloy in there, or mixed metals, but what comes out is gold. Shining and pure. And that is what happens to the soul when we go on these adventures and go through challenges. In this season of Christma, I want to tell you: You have these promises in your heart, but very often you have to take action to attain them. And God is calling you to do something great. God is not a passive God. He is in partnership with us. And He wants us to do things with Him!


Thank you Father, for making me like shining and pure gold. You call me out upon the waters. Help me to do the things you call me to do, with full trust in your unfailing love.


Have you ever felt like you need to take action to attain God’s promise for you?

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