“No one has ever seen God, but the one and only Son, who is himself God and is in closest relationship with the Father, has made him known.”

– John 1:18

The life of Jesus exemplifies perfect theology. What I mean is that if we want a totally accurate depiction of what God is like, we need only look at His Son. When we study how our Savior acted, how He preached, how He ministered, and how He loved people, we learn about the values and priorities of the Lord Himself. Knowing this, we can internalize the heart of our Creator by examining the way He behaved toward people when He was in the flesh. For instance, He was a servant leader — He didn’t go around making others sick to teach them a lesson or harming them to get His point across. He also didn’t use fear, guilt, or threats to bring His followers into submission. On the contrary, He was characterized by the practices of healing, caring, guiding, and encouraging. He spoke truth to empower, never to hurt or manipulate. And while some of His words seem harsh, what He proclaimed was for the benefit of those He loves. His heart is that of a benevolent Father — not a despot or a dictator — and He always leads His children gently and by example. Likewise, we do well to imitate our Lord’s attitudes and behaviors. In a world that constantly postures for power, when we assume a mantle of meekness, or strength under control, we naturally draw others to Him through humility, compassion, and kindness.

My friend, you can’t go wrong when you study the ways of your Savior. The more you apply yourself to His life and His teaching, the more Kingdom authority you possess. Because Jesus is the fulfillment of everything in every way, becoming like Him is the absolute best way to live, both for yourself and others. As you strive to evolve into a walking reflection of your Lord, you can be a source of truth, grace, light, and strength to the lost and searching in society.


Jesus, I want to be more like you. May your life come alive in me so others can clearly see your glory and goodness.


How can you become more like your Savior?

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