“But the Lord said to Samuel, ‘Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.’”

– 1 Samuel 16:7

Today, I want to share a word with those of you who have felt rejected or been outcast in your life: God doesn’t see what man sees. Though to the world you may look like an underdog, in Jesus, you are an overcomer and more than a conqueror!

There is perhaps no better example of God using an unlikely subject to do huge things for Him than King David. A successor to King Saul, his predecessor seemed to be cut out for the job; he was strong, intelligent, and rugged and he had great potential. However, as time went on, Saul got caught up in envy, greed, and covetousness and ultimately became a murderer. The king threw his life away and was finally rejected by God, who told the prophet Samuel that a new one needed to be chosen. Since the Lord already had His eye on the right person, He spoke to Samuel and told him to go visit the house of Jesse, who had seven sons, because the man who would be king lived there. When he entered Jesse’s home, the prophet immediately saw his son Eliab, who was tall, good looking, and probably very “kingly.” At the sight of him, he said, “Surely this is God’s anointed.” However, the Lord instructed Samuel to not look for the man with the best outward appearance, because He sees beyond that to the heart. So he rejected Eliab and then Jesse brought his sons and paraded them before the prophet, oldest to youngest. When they came to the last one, he said, “Are there no others?” and they all looked around and shuffled their feet, unsure of whether or not they should mention the one who remained. Finally, someone piped up and said, “Well, there’s David. He’s the youngest and he’s outside taking care of the sheep.” Then Samuel replied, “We will not sit down to eat until he is here.” Obviously, by that point, the prophet had figured out that David, the one who remained, must be God’s chosen. I can’t imagine the shock and surprise his brothers felt when they figured out that the underdog of their family was going to be king — yet this is how things work in the Kingdom of God! David was an outsider among his kin, and despite the fact that his father was wealthy, he cared for the sheep, and though there was plenty of food, he was forced to eat outside.

Friend, like David, you may have been held back, pushed down, or overshadowed by the insecurity and wrong of another person, but I want you to know that nothing that has been done to you can stop God’s great plan for your life! Jesus sees incomprehensible value, potential, and worth in who you are. Your heart is precious to Him and He is going to use your experience to help others see His love more clearly. Don’t let opposition or rejection keep you from moving forward toward your destiny, because in Him, you are more than a conqueror! Isn’t that incredible news?


Thank you, Jesus, for seeing my heart and not my outward appearance. I know that nothing that has been done to me or spoken over me can keep your power from working in my life.


Have you ever been an outsider? How did Jesus redeem your rejection?

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