Keep Your Spiritual Antenna Up

“Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.”

–  Galatians 6:10

In 1970, back when Hour of Power was first broadcast, television programming traveled through airwaves and was picked up by a funny looking metal thing on the top of a T.V. set called an antenna. Though it was static, its job was to identify signals in the air and send them to a receiver to be translated into sound, picture, and light. Despite the fact that we don’t see this kind of an antenna too frequently anymore, I think its function gives us a great analogy as we seek to live as generous and compassionate Jesus followers. You see, the world around us is full of signals; everywhere we look, people are hurting and in need of help. Sometimes it’s as simple as a downcast countenance or maybe the clues are anger and aggression. Whatever they are, when we keep our spiritual antenna up, we become aware of the needs of others, and with the Holy Spirit’s guidance, He translates their signals and gives us a vision of how we can help. However, in order to see the picture clearly, we must be plugged into Jesus, our power source, and spend time listening for His voice on a regular basis. 

My friend, life is full of opportunities to make a big difference through small kindnesses, which is why I encourage you to keep your spiritual antenna up. Resolve in your heart to be a hands-on follower of Jesus and start watching for the needs of your neighbor. Whether it’s buying a stranger’s meal or compassionately listening to a coworker, pray and ask God to reveal how He wants to move through you moment-by-moment, and the blessing you extend to others will return to you a hundred fold! 


Jesus, open my eyes and ears and show me ways in which I can bless others with small kindnesses.


Is your spiritual antenna up and tuned into all that God wants to do through you today?

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