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Experience the Power of Kindness!

We’re so happy you’ve joined us in the Hour of Power kindness challenge! By doing just one random act of kindness for someone each day, you might just turn their life around and even impact their eternal destiny. 

Need some inspiration?  Here’s just a partial list of ways you can bless others:

  • Donate your old clothes to charity
  • Help a senior with their groceries
  • Pay for someone’s lunch or dinner at a restaurant
  • Bless a homeless person with a meal
  • Give someone a gift card that you don’t intend to use
  • Hand out cold water bottles on a hot day
  • Offer sincere compliments to everyone you encounter Invite a friend to lunch and pay for it
  • Write a kind or encouraging message on a napkin
  • Write a letter to a soldier or send a care package overseas
  • Set aside a day and don’t complain or say anything negative
  • Write a list of things you admire about a friend and give it to them
  • Pay for someone’s morning coffee
  • Buy a Bible or a favorite book and give it away
  • Send a text of encouragement to someone you haven’t seen for awhile
  • Bake cookies or dessert for your coworkers, neighbors or Bible study
  • Start mentoring a younger person
  • Leave as large a tip as you can afford for your server at a restaurant
  • Ask someone how they’re doing and take the time to listen
  • Hide money in a random place for a stranger to find and leave a note with it
  • Make breakfast for a family member
  • Pay for someone’s dry cleaning
  • Throw a party for someone to celebrate them being who they are
  • Send a note of appreciation to a coworker who doesn’t get enough recognition

Kindness in Our Community

Pastor Schuller, you are a blessing to all who hear your sermons, whether it’s just one or every week. You certainly have been a blessing of encouragement to me in my walk with the Lord.
My daughter and I donate clothes and other items to a non profit group who runs a store for people to shop for free! I also take the trash cans in for my elderly neighbor and share food with my neighbors. It’s so great that they started doing the same! Kindness begets kindness, it’s so true! May the Lord bless you and your family and let His love and grace fall upon you.

Nancy English

I supported Hour of Power and Hour of Power help me to become wisdomer.

Ferenc Laszlo Deak

i helped my friend lynn clean up her house for a party to have her dad to come over for dinner we made

rebecca long

Someone help me and I’m trying to help someone if i have substance

Bran Yod

Some things I do to be kind to others: I paid for coffee for the person behind me in line. It can be fun and a great conversation starter.
I also paid attention and listened to someone. People need to know they’re being listened to.

I enjoy being kind to others because it makes me feel good, I develop empathy for the person and it helps me to relate better with others.

I have volunteered to serve meals at a homeless shelter in Philadelphia and talked with the residents. You quickly find out that they fell on hard times.

I also like to donate old clothing to the local thrift shop and it often goes to families and children who need it.

Jennifer Ayoub

Thank you so much for the kindness reminder. The list is very helpful. ❤️
I had depression few years ago, my husband, children, friends, and counsellor are very supportive. Thank you Jesus for sending his people to help people in needs.

Tingting Lai

so great i will never be able to repay robert schuler

Bobbathan the builder

My neighbor next door to me is a person that checks on me daily in the morning and night time to see how l am takes me to all my doctor appointments and dental work fill my medical pill 💊 in a container for morning and night and shot in my arm every night also has checked on me when and in the hospital 🏥 or places where I have been for a month

Paul Dennison

My fiancé helped me to understand Jesus much more! I am now a born again Christian ✝️ ❤

Markara Nicole Bermel

I helped a neighbor pay rent.