Lay Your Crown at the Cross

“The Lord will write in the register of the peoples: ‘This one was born in Zion.’ As they make music they will sing, ‘All my fountains are in you.’”

– Psalm 87:6,7

Do you know that you have your own little kingdom? As strange as it might sound, every human being has a sphere of influence, or a place where their will and power are exercised in a manner that affects those around them for better or worse. I have a “Bobby-dom” and without supernatural intervention, I am the king of my world and I make decisions that benefit me and give me greater power; I am naturally self-serving. I believe this is why Jesus’ thesis — the thing He preached about the most — was the Kingdom of God. When He came, He brought the values and characteristics of Heaven to earth and offered a much better alternative to a self-absorbed way of life.

Friend, becoming a happy and whole student of Jesus means that you take the crown off of your own head and lay it at the cross. You recognize that although you have God-given power, He is the source, and you acknowledge that your wealth and all of your fountains are in Him! When you proclaim that Jesus is your King, you stop trying to prove yourself to the world and submit your kingdom to His. As you do that, you begin to walk in easy rhythms of grace that eliminate hustling and striving from your life. By opening your heart to the Holy Spirit, you develop discernment that guides you to the Word of God before any other source, and the Kingdom of Heaven comes to earth through you!

This is Jesus’ master plan — He inhabits the world through His people, and His goodness, peace, and love are magnified and multiplied in them. Isn’t that incredible news?


Jesus, today and everyday, I lay my crown at the cross. I surrender my life to you and pray that your Kingdom would come to earth in and through me.


Who rules in your kingdom? Do you believe that Jesus is the source of all your fountains?

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