“So the last will be first, and the first will be last.”

– Matthew 20:16

One of the hallmarks of this ministry is that we believe that everyone in the Kingdom of God is a leader. You don’t need to hold a title, go to seminary, or be given a formal position in order to influence others — simply living your life before them and sharing your story qualifies you to lead. Having established this, I encourage you to affirm at some point every day — and even say it out loud — “I am a leader!” Once you’ve internalized this truth, ask yourself whether or not you’re leading well. Knowing that both friends and strangers are watching what you do, be intentional in how you model Jesus to those around you, and give priority to imitating His ways. Though the world offers much wisdom and insight on the topic of leadership, remember that God’s course is decidedly different. While society says to go after position and to conquer whoever or whatever stands in your path, our Savior says to assume the attitude of a servant and to willingly go to the back of the line. He assures us that when we seek to have His head, His hands, His habits, and His heart, our impact will be greater than any influence we can manufacture in our own power. As we let His life inspire ours, not only will we be genuinely happy, but we’ll show others the way to deep and lasting joy.

My friend, I can’t say it often or emphatically enough that you have influence! Though there are billions of people on the planet, there’s only one YOU, and you’ve been put here right now to fulfill a God-sculpted destiny. Everywhere you go, others are hurting, broken, and searching, and their eyes are on the ones who dare to be different. While society postures and demeans to prove worth and grasp power, you are equipped by the Holy Spirit to be humble, gracious, and kind to everyone you encounter. Whether waiting for service at a restaurant, standing in line at Starbucks, or shopping at the grocery store, reminding people that they’re seen and appreciated has the potential to expand Christ’s Kingdom and to shape the world for the better!


Jesus, I acknowledge that I have influence. Use me to inspire hope and positive change in the lives of others.


Wherever you find yourself, are you intentional in the way that you lead?

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