“But the plans of the Lord stand firm forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations.”

– Psalm 33:11

Yesterday we shared that God looks at the heart, not outward appearances. Your heart is not about your emotions, but about your will — what you choose and decide to do. In seminary, I learned that emotions are actually located in the belly with hunger, anger, lust, and greed, metaphorically speaking. It’s why fasting is often seen in Judaism and Christianity as a way of showing contempt for the flesh. Fasting is a way to proclaim your desire to do what’s right and overcome your emotions even if you feel uncomfortable. 

God wants someone who has heart and that’s why He chose David to be king of Israel. As a young shepherd, David obediently watched over the family’s sheep for years. No doubt, he had many conversations with God while he was living in solitude. In addition to dealing with the lion and the bear, I’m sure he had to conquer spiders, rodents, and wolves as well. Was David afraid? Yes, he was. Despite his fear, he overcame these intruders. That’s someone who has heart and your heart is visible to God. Are you willing to do what’s hard? You have a good heart, so the answer is yes! If you make a poor choice, you will feel guilty. And if that’s what you’ve been doing, change your actions.

Friend, I am determined to do what I need to do to prove to God that I’m honoring Him with my life. I am so thankful that God sees my heart, not my belly. Isn’t that good news for us? Yes, emotions are significant. Don’t neglect your emotions and don’t pretend they don’t matter. You can be influenced by your emotions, but the important thing is what you ultimately decide to do and who you choose to be.


Father, show me how to make the right choices. I want you to see my heart.


Are you willing to be obedient and complete difficult tasks?

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