“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.” 

– 1 Peter 5:8-9

Yesterday, we talked about the fact that we were created with a need for serenity and rest and how Jesus is the source of those things. Today, I want to share with one of the reasons why I believe this is the case. 

To use a few examples from pop culture, what do you think Mary Poppins, the Fonz, Gandalf, Yoda, Sensei Wu from the Lego Movie, and Morgan Freeman (in pretty much any role) have in common? Though you may not see too many connections, I believe the common denominator is that they were all relaxed. Because their characters were not easily riled, they were able to naturally influence those around them. Similarly, think about disaster scenarios you have either lived through or seen depicted in television or movies. Nearly always, the person who ends up being the hero is the one who manages to stay calm and lead others to safety. You see, to be a leader does not mean to be anxious and amped up; on the contrary, it means to be tranquil and at peace. In fact, in leadership studies, they call the leader the non-anxious presence in the room.

Friend, just like your Rabbi Jesus, you were designed to be at peace so you can lead and have an effect on those around you! You were created to live abundantly and being rested is the only way to do that. You were also fashioned to have divine influence, and the best way to be an ambassador of power in the Kingdom of God is to be a person of serenity. When you are relaxed, it indicates that you possess wisdom and are someone worth following. This is why peace is listed in Galatians as one of the fruits of living connected to the Holy Spirit. Being at rest is proof that you belong to Jesus, and it’s one of the primary vessels He uses to reach and transform the world around you! Isn’t that an amazing thought? 


Jesus, I pray for more of the fruit of peace in my life, by the power of your Holy Spirit. Make me a person of tranquility so I can impact and lead those around me. 


Are you a peaceful and relaxed person? If so, how has it enabled you to lead others? If not, how can you cultivate more serenity in your life?

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