Leading Close to Home

“‘My food,’ said Jesus, ‘is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work.’”

– John 4:34

One of the most remarkable things about the life and ministry of Jesus is that He never traveled more than thirty miles away from where He was born. While He certainly traversed the countryside to engage in ministry work, He didn’t go on a worldwide conquest, nor did He exert great amounts of energy trying to gain fans and followers. Unlike powerful leaders of history such as Alexander the Great and Caesar, He never led a military revolution, nor did He build any monuments to Himself. And in contrast to the presidents and heads of state of today, He didn’t campaign, engage in self-promotion, or write books in His own hand. Nevertheless, He started the most powerful and culturally-transformative movement ever to impact mankind. Though He built no church buildings, hundreds of thousands have been erected in His honor, and while He never penned His life story, the Bible, which tells it, has been translated into more languages and shared with more people than any other book in the world. So what’s the lesson for us in Christ’s leadership? It’s simple — He invested in people. Rather than campaign and crusade to large crowds, He poured His heart and soul into transferring His Kingdom to those in the fifteen feet of space around Him. Putting aside the flesh, He stayed close to His Heavenly Father and carried out His perfect plan, even to the point of giving up His life. Likewise, as we abide in Him and give attention to His voice, He will use us to do revolutionary things right where we’re at, without titles or fanfare.

My friend, you are commissioned and empowered to do the work of Christ precisely where you are. You don’t need a platform, a pulpit, or thousands of followers to make a difference — you can be the Holy Spirit’s vessel close to home. While some are called to travel the world for the sake of His Kingdom, many are not, so don’t think you need to make more of yourself to have a ministry. The most effective leadership happens by consistently investing in others in the course of everyday life. Your mission field is in the fifteen feet of space around you, and by embracing this truth, your influence will be expanded and your impact multiplied.


Jesus, I pray that you would use me to make a difference close to home. Fill me with your Holy Spirit, and give me divine appointments to share your love every day.


Who is in your mission field?

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