“But I have calmed and quieted myself, I am like a weaned child with its mother; like a weaned child I am content.”

– Psalm 131:2

It’s been proven that being in a constant state of stress actually lowers your immune system’s ability to function as it should. I find this ironic considering that for the past two months, we’ve pretty much been living in a perpetual state of fear and anxiety over a virus. While I’m not saying there’s no threat posed by this invisible enemy, I believe we have a better chance of coming through this time with our mental and physical health intact if we face it calm and relaxed. When we become the kind of people who stay focused on Jesus in the midst of tribulations, we can take a deep breath, inhale Kingdom promises, and release stress from our bodies and minds. In fact, the ability to do this is what makes us effective leaders in life and in service to our Lord. It’s hard for those who are freaking out and scared to make rational and well-thought-out decisions, because they don’t have the focus required. On the other hand, a relaxed leader is a thinker – somebody who can make a choice based on logic and reason. It doesn’t mean they’re not quick or that they don’t take action, but they have the ability to clear their minds and carry out a concise vision.

My friend, you are a relaxed leader. When things are spiraling out of control around you and people are in a panic, you are the calm and confident presence in the room. Because you know Jesus and are secure in your eternal destiny, you bring the peace and power of God wherever you go. You are full of faith, overflowing with kindness, ready to act in wisdom, and budding with the fruits of the Holy Spirit. As you walk with your Savior, He is moving through you to bring comfort and help to a world that has lost its humanity. You are a difference-maker who shines supernatural light in a dark and shadowy kind of place, and I am proud of you!


Jesus, fill me with your Spirit so I can be a calm and peaceful presence to a frightened and hurting world.


Are you a relaxed leader? If not, how might you become one?


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