Learning God’s Language

“For in him you have been enriched in every way—with all kinds of speech and with all knowledge.”

– 1 Corinthians 1:5

In addition to having a Biblical mind, another important thing to understand as you seek to hear and follow God’s voice is that He usually doesn’t communicate in words. Though I think there are certain Christians who have a gift of prophecy and actually do hear the Lord speak audibly, most often, His language is knowledge. In other words, rather than fretting, stewing, and having to do tons of research, as believers, we receive His guidance through epiphany. For example, we may suddenly see, know, or understand something that we didn’t before, and if we’ve been praying and seeking, it’s right to interpret that internal knowing as God’s answer. In times like the present crisis, I think this sense of spiritual understanding is especially important, as there are thousands of sources of information vying for our attention and trust. We need the Lord’s discernment to help us sort through the messages and His wisdom to point us to the truth.

My friend, the Creator’s knowledge is available to you every day! As you cultivate a Biblical mind, meditate on His promises, and ground your life in the truth of His Word, He will speak to you and make your paths straight. God is never the author of confusion and He delights in leading you through the many twists and turns of your journey. As you follow your Good Shepherd, He goes before you to clear the way and alert you to any potential dangers ahead. As He looks after you, Jesus speaks gently to your heart and provides perfect peace and divine direction at just the time you most need it.


Jesus, increase my knowledge of your ways so I can discern your voice with clarity.


When in your life have you been led by divine epiphany? How did the Lord impart it to you?


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