Let Faith Shape Your Future

“He said to his disciples, ‘Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?’ ”

– Mark 4:40

Today I want to encourage you to let faith, not fear, shape your future. There is something about living a life of real faith. Whether you’re a new or seasoned believer, we’ve all experienced moments when things around us seem to be falling apart — but then something inside us changes and gives way to feeling a real sense of hope. It’s hard to explain why, but you just feel something good is about to happen. In your heart, you believe a door is about to open, or the situation you’re struggling with is about to change. 

We need faith to embrace this sense that something good is about to happen. How can you love your neighbor or your enemy without faith? How can you truly love your neighbor, especially if they’re your enemy? Loving your enemy is one of the surest ways you can prove to God that you trust your life to Him. If we don’t have faith, how can we be generous with our neighbors and those who need it, even to the point of stretching? Yes, many of us are generous, but does it align with what God calls us to do? Do we give in such a way that stretches our faith? How can we give in this way, not just our money, but also our time, which is so precious? 

Friend, fear causes us to hoard whatever it is: our time, our money, or our life. Faith is not a feeling, it’s trusting in God’s Word. There is something wonderful when you decide that your behavior is going to respond to the promises and processes of the Lord, rather than all the circumstances in life that you cannot control.


Father, help me to let go of fear and strongly embrace faith and trust in You.


Are you able to love your neighbors even if they are your enemies? What doors do you believe God is about to open for you?

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  1. I can’t control what’s happening in the world,but I can try to make a difference.Ultimately all I can control is what’s in my heart and soul. I can choose Jesus. Even when things feel chaotic around me, I can choose peace. And that’s Grace.

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