Life-Giving Relationships

“Not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others. In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Christ Jesus:”

– Philippians 2:4,5

As we enter the Advent theme of joy, I will share aspects of joy in our relationships over the next few days. Here’s a fact: Many of us who are not affluent, dream of financial freedom. And for those who are affluent, want more. It’s really freedom we’re seeking; the ability to not have to work. Why? So we can spend more time with the people we love, and doing what we enjoy. You will always cherish the memories of doing what you loved with loved ones! If your goal is to have a larger home, chances are it’s so you can have family and friends over. If you like to travel, it would be with someone you enjoy. Many of our fantasies revolve around having great experiences with our loved ones, rather than having money.

For some, freedom to be in life-giving relationships is not always a priority. But for me, a joyful life is full of life-giving relationships. Everybody has plenty of relationships, but they don’t all have life, and those relationships often suffocate and choke us, and we’re worried all the time. On the other hand, a good and joyful life is filled with mutually satisfying relationships, and you can have that type of life without ever having to spend any money to obtain it. Doesn’t that sound like good news to you?

Friend, in every way, I wish you financial success, freedom, and all the dreams that you want, but you can work on your relationships today. Be encouraged because very often, those relationships are exactly what will help you achieve more in your life. Identify the relationships you need to grow and expand through the guidance of the Holy Spirit!


Father, show me which relationships I need to expand and grow.


Do you have relationships that give you life? What are their contributions to your life?

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