“Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.”
-Psalm 119:105

The world needs you to be a light. You are a lighthouse.

Think about it. When you visit a real lighthouse during good weather, you might think, “Oh, isn’t that cute? So picturesque.” But later, when the storm rages and the waves crash, it’s amazing how the look of a lighthouse changes dramatically. As the locals well know, no longer is it this sweet little building. All of a sudden, the lighthouse stands as a citadel, a shining sign of safety as it guides ships in a storm to safe harbor. And the stronger the storm rages, and the bigger the waves crash, the brighter its beacon burns.

Lighthouses are not worried about waking the neighbors. The purpose of a lighthouse is to guide people into safe harbor, and if it gets darker, the lighthouse burns brighter. If the weather gets rougher, the lighthouse gets stronger.

You are a lighthouse and you feel it. I feel it, too. The spiritual temperature of this world is storming, raging, dark, and grey. You need to burn, you need to shine, you need to guide people into safe harbor, and you’re doing it. You are guiding people every day toward the safe harbor of God’s love.

Prayer: Dear Lord, because of your love for me, I am able to shine brightly, attracting others toward the safety of your care. Amen.

Reflection: How have you led others toward God when they needed him most?

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