Listening is a Ministry

“…let the wise listen and add to their learning, and let the discerning get guidance—”

– Proverbs 1:5

Today, as we conclude our exploration of God’s solutions, I want to reemphasize the value, power, and strength of listening. Imagine you’re driving on a highway behind two cars next to one another; one is an old Honda from the 80s with about 150 horsepower, but it has a big, loud-sounding muffler. Next to it is a Tesla Model S Plaid with a thousand horsepower; it’s almost as loud as a golf cart. The question is, which one has the power? Guess what? It’s the quiet one.

Furthermore, from a people perspective, picture yourself in a room with people who are loud and shouting, but you notice one lady or one gentleman sitting in a chair, confidently listening. I’ll tell you who has the power, it’s the quiet ones. The strength is in listening. I’m not suggesting you exercise your listening skills to have control over people. You practice listening to give power to people so they stop feeling angry, insecure and can listen. So many people feel unimportant, not heard, and uncared for, but shouting doesn’t fix it. Listening is a ministry and a way to help others. Remember when Jesus faced evil people who wanted to crucify Him? Jesus was questioned by the governor Pilate and accused by the chief priests and elders. The Bible states: “But Jesus made no reply, not even to a single charge—to the great amazement of the governor.” Jesus was indeed in the power position.

Friend, we want to learn to be like Christ and to listen before we speak, and I promise it will reap rewards for you. To make a conscious effort to really hear is God’s solution. It’s much better to forgive people, be merciful, and be quick to listen.


Jesus, help me to become a skillful listener. Show me how to make others feel important by being quiet.


How do you feel about your listening skills? Can others count on you to hear them speak?

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3 Responses

  1. I was brought up by my late mum, dad, grandad to help everybody in the world, and to heal people, and to trust and to care, to respect everybody, to give to those that have nothing, and that’s what I do everyday, I just loving doing that
    mum, dad and grandad told me, if you can put just one smile on somebody’s face, the world is a better place, and it’s been worth it

  2. Thank you. Listening is important, thank you for the reminder. Love your sermons. A friend suggested them to me (she’s a strong Lutheran) and she loves them as well. I grew up Presbyterian, church in Canada really hurt me when they joined Kairos but the Presbyterian Church in Canada was the main one who sued a company my husband just worked for, an oil company who only had a third interest in Sudan. Law suit taken to the US and company found not guilty of all human right violations, it was appealed and again it was found not guilty of all human rights violations. The church destroyed the company’s reputation. Part of husband’s salary was stock which went to nothing, and the church will not repay, no one will repay, husband got early retirement in mid 50’s and now we are broke. In my 60’s I have to go back to work, can’t make ends meet, husband not well, so unfair. I went to our head minister in Calgary, and he said sometimes we go after these companies and don’t think of the people who work there. Quite irresponsible. Why did God let this happen? I need and deserve monetary gain, my parents gave everything they had to the Presbyterian Church. When I found out you were the minister of the Presbyterian Church, I must say I said WOW, so you can say I am back. If possible, please pray for financial breakthrough for us. Many thanks. Your family is amazing, and you are so fortunate. Again, thank you. It is Thanksgiving in Canada, so I will wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. I know your is in Nov. but it doesn’t hurt to celebrate thanksgiving everyday. God Bless you.

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