Live and Love Like Jesus

“Jesus entered the temple courts and drove out all who were buying and selling there. He overturned the tables of the money changers and the benches of those selling doves.”

– Matthew 21:12

Though there’s a lot to learn from the stories of Paul and Joseph where it comes to being stubborn in faith, no one exemplifies adamant conviction more than Jesus. He threw convention aside on many occasions, because He was doggedly determined to bring His Father’s heart to the world. He passionately turned over the money changer’s tables at the temple, repeatedly touched those who were considered unclean, and faced the scorn and mockery of His accusers in total silence. Though it must have taken every ounce of restraint He could muster, He stonewalled in the face of injustice and refused to react emotionally to the charges brought against Him. Yet while our Lord was tough and gritty in these situations, He was always tender and compassionate toward people. He treasured relationships, and He consistently made time to share His miracle-working power with others. Everywhere He went, He healed, blessed, and brought joy, and though He was stubborn and unconventional in conviction, He never let His fervor get in the way of cultivating connections with those who needed His love and friendship.

My friend, study the ways of your Savior and learn to live like Him. Apply your heart and mind to His teachings, and let your spirit grow increasingly strong and determined to do what’s right in His eyes. Though at times it requires you to be stubborn, don’t back down in the face of persecution and injustice, and remain passionate for the cause of expanding His Kingdom. Stay grounded in truth, but be gracious and accepting toward others. See each human being’s inherent worth and love them where they’re at, knowing that the kindness you show is the key to changing the world. Always put people first, and Jesus will do amazing and seemingly impossible things through your life.


Jesus, help me to remain unwavering in conviction and to uncompromisingly put others first.


How can you live and love like Jesus?

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