“For the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power.”

– 1 Corinthians 4:20

In Jesus’ day, there were two types of rabbis: the Torah rabbis, or the teachers of the law, and the smicha rabbis, or those who had authority from God. Though we tend to think of our Savior as being the first miracle-working teacher, there were others who preceded Him in things such as the laying on of hands for healing. Since the goal of a rabbi was to have students who followed Him and did the same things that he did, Jesus expected His disciples to exercise miracle-working power, just like any other smicha rabbi would have. While we imagine it was a stretch for our Savior to tell Peter to come to Him by walking on the water, as a pupil, it was natural for the disciple to follow his teacher’s lead. Even though he sank after a few seconds, Peter willingly stepped out of the boat and gave it a shot because he knew that as long as he kept his eyes on his Master, he could inherit the same miraculous power.

My friend, in a time of world crisis, the power of Jesus Christ in you can make a huge difference! Now more than ever, it’s important to step into the authority you’ve inherited as the Lord’s disciple and call upon His Spirit to break chains and strongholds in the world. Though you may feel ill-equipped to make a difference, the truth is that in your weakness, His strength is the greatest. As you struggle with your own insecurities and foibles (especially in present circumstances, which may amplify them), He is working through your heartfelt prayers and earnest pleas to bring His glory to the world. In the Name of Jesus, you have smicha, and you are inheriting even more of His authority as you press through painful circumstances and step into fullness of faith!


I want to see your power work through my life, Jesus, so I ask you to use me today to bring your glory to earth.


Do you live in the fullness of Jesus’ smicha?


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