“Love does no harm to a neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.” -Romans 13:10

The bible tells us to turn the other cheek, and that’s true. So does that mean love is never violent? Hardly! Love is one of the most violent things there is. If you’ve ever had love in your life, you know it can get violent. There are scenarios in which love means you care about what’s going to happen to this person. What if you don’t have feelings for someone? Can you love them? Absolutely! I remember once a guy told me a story about how he had been caring for his mom for years. He was beginning to resent her and resent where he was, and he was getting disappointed. I said to him but you continue to care for her. He responded with a yes. I said do you say mean things or do nasty things to her? And he said no, I’ve always taken care of her. I’m like then you love your mom. Love is what you do and what you say. Love is not what you feel. In fact, there’s something really courageous about being faithful enough to care for someone in spite of anger, resentment, and exhaustion you might feel in the midst of it.

PRAYER: Thank you, Lord, for allowing us to show love even when we may not feel it.

REFLECTION: How have you shown love to someone even when you didn’t feel it?

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