“Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse them.” -Romans 12:14

So I once had a guy who asked me, “pastor, you always have us turn around and shake hands and say God loves you and so do I. But half the people I’m shaking hands with, I don’t know them. How can I say I love you? I mean I know God loves them but I don’t even know them. How can I love them?” And it’s a perfect question. I responded, “do you care about the person even though they’re a stranger? If they were hurting, would you help them? If they fell down, would you lift them up? If they were hungry would you feed them? If they were sad, would you be there for them?” Then you love them. Love means you care. You care for human good. That’s why for Christians — with our definition of love — can love their enemies. You can love people that annoy you. You can love people you don’t have happy feelings towards. You can love your enemies. If still want the best for someone who has wounded or hurt you, you love them. It doesn’t mean you’re not angry, it doesn’t mean they don’t bother you, it doesn’t mean you don’t feel wounded, and it doesn’t mean you’re good friends. To love them means you care about the best outcome for them.

PRAYER: God, help us to extend Christian love to everyone we come across.

REFLECTION: How have you loved your enemies?

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