Loving Samaritans and Sinners

“The Samaritan woman said to him, ‘You are a Jew and I am a Samaritan woman. How can you ask me for a drink?’ (For Jews do not associate with Samaritans.)”

– John 4:9

Ancient Israel was divided into three regions. In the north, there was Galilee, where Jesus spent a lot of his time in ministry, and to the south there was Judea, which is where Jerusalem and the temple resided. In the middle was Samaria, whose name literally means “watch-mountain” or “watch-tower.” Although Samaria was a natural bridge between Galilee and Judea, Orthodox Jews avoided the region since to them, it was pagan and unholy. 

Rather than interact with this sect, Hebrew travelers would add days to their journey from north to south just to avoid them. Except Jesus. On several occasions, our Savior purposefully traveled through Samaria, at one point even stopping at a water well to talk to a Samaritan woman. This intentional interaction makes it clear that the Lord had a heart for this region and its people, because He loves to ascribe dignity to the outcast, even if He doesn’t approve of their actions. 

You see, friend, when people have adopted a lifestyle that you know is wrong or unholy, it doesn’t mean you should stop interacting with them or loving them. Like Jesus, you can march confidently into Samaria and show love, compassion and empathy to sinners without worrying that their choices will somehow “get on you.” Ascribing dignity to others where they’re at is the first step in softening their hearts and opening their eyes to the goodness of Jesus. Choose to love Samaritans and sinners and you will become a force of healing in a divided world.


Jesus, use me to build bridges in a world that is desperately in need of love.


How can you love the Samaritans in your life?

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8 Responses

  1. Daughter in law is expecting a baby girl in July. Pray for healthy baby and mommy. Praying for our son & daughter in law as they adjust to being parents.

    Pray for our daughter, son in law, & 3 grandkids to be safe at all times.

  2. Bobby,

    That’s a great message. I just turned sixty in February. In my life, I’ve never known such division between Americans. This is not the country I knew as a child. I worry for my children and for the future of this great land. People need to stop drawing lines and be more accepting of others, or we be fighting each other soon. Congress would do well to apply the principles Jesus did in his travels through Samaria.

    Thank you for your message. It warmed my heart. God bless you for leading a flock in these tumultuous times.

  3. We are all citizens of the world and all created by GOD. Therefore no matter where someone comes from or the colour of their skin should they be treated differently. Kindness should never discriminate. If we are followers of Eashoa(Jesus’s real aramic name) then we accept all people.

  4. This is the best spot on point devotional for this world, at this time! Thank you for this Pastor Bobby! I’m trying not to be a hypocritical believer in Jesus because what you say in this is true, but in my carnality, I am struggling to except the fact that I get so disgusted seeing men with men and women with women and the rest of whatever others call themselves. My heart does get sadden that they won’t listen if you try to talk to them about Jesus and, that they will never see heaven! But I pray for them to see Truth one day.

  5. Thank you, Bobby. This is an encouragement to me since I am in this kind of situation with a friend and neighbor. I always want to handle relationships the way our Lord wants us to —with empathy, love, and compassion.

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