“Surely, Lord, you bless the righteous; you surround them with your favor as with a shield.”

– Psalm 5:12

I’ve long been interested in what are called “luck studies,” which began in the 1990’s. One in particular that has always fascinated me is the story of an amazing Israeli woman named Anat Ben-Tov. In 1995, 35-year-old Anat was sitting in a hospital bed after surviving her second bus bombing. In the first bombing, 22 people died and she was one of the few who lived unscathed. The second time, 35 people were injured and six people died. As she was being interviewed upon her second survival, she said, “I have no luck or I have all the luck. I don’t know what it is.” What would you say to that? Was she unlucky because she was involved in two bombings or lucky because she survived? 

It was Anat’s story that led a man named Richard Weismann, an expert in luck and superstition, to conduct several clinical studies about the concept of good fortune and whether or not it is purely coincidental. During his investigations, he quickly learned that people who see themselves as lucky ultimately have better luck. Why? Simply because they are expecting it! Overall, those who believe they will be the recipients of good fortune are physically healthier and more confident than those who expect very little. 

Friend, you are not just lucky, you are a blessed recipient of God’s grace, love, and favor! Far from being a state of mind or a coincidence, by the truth of your identity in Christ, you have inherited blessings too numerous to count. When you wake up each day, you have good fortune — not because of luck — but because of who your Lord is. This is why I encourage you to shift your mindset and believe that you are blessed and highly favored. When you approach each day with your confidence securely grounded in your Savior, good things will abound in your life! 


Renew my mind today, Jesus, so that I expect your goodness and favor to surround me in every situation.


What is the difference between luck and God’s favor? Why can you expect good things to happen in your life because of Him?

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