Make Every Minute Count

“As long as it is day, we must do the works of him who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work.”

– John 9:4

Today I want you to consider every minute as an opportunity to change your life. Do you believe every minute counts? The concept of wanting more out of life is something we all share, and I know you do as well! You want the best things in your life to be ahead of you, not behind you. Here’s how to get a greater life — pray greater prayers, have greater friends, and give greater effort. It is possible to extend a deeper love to a larger number of people. You attain a greater life by expanding your vision and making intentional commitments. You give the best you have to everyone you can, all the time. It becomes a great life when you make every minute count! 

Simply put, I encourage you to concentrate and work harder on yourself than anything else. Work harder on yourself than your hobbies or your business. Because when you change, everything changes. When you become smarter, everything improves. When you learn more, you expand your horizons. When you have a stronger heart, better mind, and more energy, all your relationships in life and everything else begins to flourish. Yes, everything gets better!

Friend, make every minute and every day count, and your life will begin to change forever. On the flip side, a sense of despair is when you don’t like how you feel or who you are. But hope and faith in God, along with a powerful life of greater things, will give you confidence about the future and the person you’re becoming. Even if you’re not where you want to be today, knowing you’ll get there someday changes everything. As you grow with God’s help, you will feel excited about your potential moving forward.  


Father, help me to extend a deeper love to more people!


Is your faith a source of confidence for your future?

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