“The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it.” 

– Psalm 24:1

Have you ever borrowed something from a friend? Maybe you drove someone else’s car while yours was in the shop or your neighbor let you use a dish that you didn’t have in your own kitchen. In any case, my guess is that you were extra careful with what didn’t belong to you. You see, there’s a sense of comfort and even carelessness that accompanies the treatment of our own possessions verses the care we take with those of another. In fact, I believe this illustration provides us with a powerful metaphor for how we should live our lives in the Kingdom of God. In short, the word is stewardship, and it means that we are not owners, but rather managers, of the resources that the Lord has entrusted to us. Though we tend to think of this concept as being financial, the truth is that it applies to everything we have — our time, talents, treasures, and relationships. All that we are given is a gift, and we should never claim exclusive rights to it lest we mismanage, devalue, or discard what is precious in the sight of our Savior. 

My friend, I encourage you to cultivate the habit of starting each day by remembering that your next 24 hour compartment is a gift from God. Everything you will accomplish and enjoy is a blessing bestowed by His Hand, so seek to honor Him with your ideas, encounters, and decisions. As you would carefully manage precious resources on loan from a friend, treat your life and all that you have been given with respect, care, and kindness, lifting it up to Jesus as an offering of praise for His good and abundant gifts!


Jesus, I affirm that I am not an owner, but a manager, of what you have given to me. Teach me to honor you with everything that I have.


How do you steward God’s gifts to you?

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