“Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.”

– 1 Timothy 5:8

As we talk about cultivating abundance in our lives, it’s important to remember that in the context of stewardship, wisdom is required. One of the greatest follies in the world of experience is erring on the side of extremes. For instance, while it’s important to be generous, it’s also important not to be foolish and give away everything we have at the expense of our own families. This is why it’s key to remember the concept of being a manager. While an immature person may react in emotion and spend or give it all away, a wise person will consider their resources, prioritize allocation, and disperse them according to importance. In fact, therein lies the essence of managing what we’ve been given, and it only happens intentionally, through both planning and self-control. 

My friend, the Bible is clear in instructing us to take care of those in our own household, so we should not give away what is needed to provide for them. As you step into the role of a wise manager, remember that you work for the One who owns every good thing, and that He has delegated to you the responsibility of stewarding His blessings to your family and those He has called you to help. You represent the King of the Universe, and as you learn His ways, everything you need to live a generous, fruitful, and Godly life in Christ Jesus will follow!  


I ask for abundant wisdom, Jesus, as I seek to become a generous person. Teach me your priorities.


In living generously, why do you think it’s important to take care of your own household first?

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