Meekness Isn’t Weakness

“Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.”

– Matthew 5:5

Julius Caesar took to heart the Roman belief that achievements and conquests were everything, so he became determined to take over the world. On one occasion, when his armies were at war with Pompey, his life was saved by a Semitic Edomite named Antipater. The two of them became fast friends, and Caesar awarded Antipater’s heroic actions by making him the chief minister of the Middle East. In that role, his job was to collect taxes and oversee his lord’s government in the region of Syria, which also included Jerusalem. Antipater later appointed his sons — one of whom was Herod — to help him carry out his duties, and Herod was given the responsibility of overseeing the area of Israel. Unfortunately, he was a narcissistic, neurotic, and nervous guy, who, through a series of wars and conquests, sought to become the most powerful man in the Middle East. However, because of His recklessness and thirst for power, he had a hard time keeping order in the region, so at one point, he fled to Rome for sanctuary. To help him regain control of the land, the Roman senate convened and granted him the title “King of the Jews.” They figured this would cement his position as the leader of the Jewish territory, even though he was an Edomite. After being crowned king of the area, Herod returned to Israel feeling empowered, and He was determined to build even greater and more majestic monuments to Himself.

My friend, while society only understands how to gain power through aggression and manipulation, God provides a better way. As counterintuitive as it seems, He invites you to inherit supernatural strength by being meek. You see, contrary to worldly belief, meekness is not weakness — it’s power under control. Like medicine must be administered in the proper dose in order to be effective (with too little doing nothing and too much causing irreparable damage or even death), authority must be used responsibly in order to accomplish Christ’s greater purpose. He holds the entirety of Creation in His hands, and He gladly shares His power with anyone who acknowledges Him as its source.


Jesus, thank you for granting me authority through meekness. Any time I’m given power, help me to exercise it responsibly.


In your life, do you lead from a place of pride or of meekness? Why?

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  1. I always lead from a place of meeknees.Which means that I am patient and understanding.I do not place demands on anyone.I wait until the situations are better and more conducive.I hope and pray that this horrible Covid -19 will finally disappear and our lives getting back to normal once again. To all at Hour of Power and Shepherd’s Grove. Much love. warm thoughts. and good wishes. To the Schuller family. Blessings for good health and happiness. As always I remain a faithful viewer
    and Happy and Wholesome Student in Jesus Christ. May God bless all of our elected leaders and the United States of America

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