Money is Important to Jesus

“For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.”

– 1 Timothy 6:10

In the Kingdom of this world, money is king. Although we live in the Kingdom of God, we have a parallel existence on earth which means that we need monetary resources to live. Whether you’re wealthy, poor or somewhere in the middle, chances are you think and talk about money every day! This is why the topic of finances is covered so thoroughly in the Bible. Money pays our bills and it feeds us — it is the substance of pleasure and influence in the world. Like it or not, wealth is powerful; it can break up families or partnerships and it can kill dreams. Many of us stay in dead-end jobs for fear of not having enough of it and the things that God put in our heart and designed us to do go undone. Isn’t that sad?

However, I want you to know, today, that as much as money can cause harm, it can do a lot of good, too. When we take risks that are calculated and smart, it causes wealth to grow, and when we bless others, we are having an impact on the world that ultimately outlives us. You see, money builds hospitals, churches, schools, the arts, and all the things that make the planet more beautiful, lovely, livable and enjoyable. Because it can either hurt or bless and destroy or heal, God takes time to teach us about how to handle it in His Word. In fact, there are over 2,200 references to wealth and possessions in the Bible; that’s three times as many as to love and seven times as many as to prayer! Money comprises nearly 50% of the Word of God. I would say that means it’s pretty important to Him, wouldn’t you?  

Friend, as you invest your resources Jesus’ way, you are part of something far greater than yourself. When you sow into His Kingdom, the gifts you give will benefit others and ultimately the blessing will return to you! As you surrender what you have to Him, you are set free from the pressure of striving, pushing, and working harder to achieve more. When you trust Him with your first fruits, your faith is strengthened and you are released from scarcity and moved into Christ’s abundant sufficiency! Isn’t that wonderful news?


Jesus, thank you for teaching me about money in your Word. I want to honor you with everything you have given to me.


Do you serve God or your finances? How can you surrender your financial fears to your Heavenly Father?

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