Never Be Defined by Your Problems

“Finally they said, ‘Who are you? Give us an answer to take back to those who sent us. What do you say about yourself?’ ”

John 1:22

A major issue people experience in our modern world is the trap of being defined by your problems. I caution people to be wary of falling into this way of thinking. On TikTok and YouTube, you are going to see stories of people, whether they are Christians or not, who start their sentences with the words “As a.” For example, “As a person with ADHD,” or “As a person who experiences prejudice in this way or that,” or “As a person with this chronic sickness.” Are these all real issues and problems? Yes they are. I’m not saying to pretend you don’t have problems or neglect making improvements. I’m saying that with God’s help, they can be worked out. 

It’s more advantageous to define yourself as an overcomer, as a fighter, as a winner, as a Christian, and as someone who is capable. When you define yourself by your problems, the bigger your blame list becomes. The purpose of a blame list is to make you feel better about not being where you should be. It is said that the bigger your blame list, the smaller your future will be. There are plenty of sources to increase your blame list including politicians or your favorite news outlet. The issue is, most of the things on your blame list are beyond your control. 

Friend, focus on who you can become and you can become anything; whatever the Lord says you can achieve. But you have to believe it before you see it! Your desire, like mine, is to continually pray to God for a better world, a better government, and solutions to our problems. And as a Christian, you can define yourself as an overcomer who walks in the power of God.


Father, help me see myself as a champion.


Do you define yourself as an overcomer?

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