Every person deserves dignity because every person is loved by God

At Hour of Power with Bobby Schuller, we believe in the dignity of every single human being. We also believe that if people truly feel and know God’s love personally, they will be compelled to live as happy and whole students of Jesus. We know this because we see it every day in letters we read and stories we hear from people whose lives have been radically transformed by the positive, amazing power of God.

There is no deeper need than dignity. In our competitive world it’s so easy to think, “I’m not good looking enough,” “young enough,” “smart enough,” or “successful enough” to have a life that matters. Society constantly reinforces the idea that your value is based on what you do, what you accomplish, what you have or what people say about you. This subtext is eroding the soul as people continue to hurry through life trying to prove themselves to others. It leaves people feeling empty and out of energy. Hour of Power wants you to know you are loved by God. We think you are looking for a life that matters. If you are abiding in the love of God everyday, you will have the drive and zeal to do amazing things for God and others.

The only way to truly live in this kind of dignity and power is to become a follower of Jesus Christ. Here, we invite everyone to become a happy and whole student of Jesus. This means that you trust your life to Jesus Christ and choose to do what he taught. We think God has given you the tools to live a life of power and meaning. Recognize that He wants you, just as you are, and not as you should be. He wants you to be a representative of his light and love to those you do life with.

We are so passionate about this idea that we are doing anything we can to get it to the whole world. Through our television broadcast of Hour of Power with Bobby Schuller we seek to help people find their power in knowing God’s love and living his way. Every day, we receive emails and letters from people who have been transformed by this idea. You can have this experience too. It’s waiting for you. If you are already walking in this, you can help us by spreading the word, sharing our media and donating. We are always looking for people to join our movement and to help others know what it’s like to live everyday in God’s love.

Hour of Power’s History In New Zealand

Hour of Power first began broadcasting in New Zealand on the Horizon Pacific Network in August 1995, until Horizon Pacific ceased operations in May 1997. From July 1997, Hour of Power began airing on TV3. The Crystal Cathedral Ministries NZ Trust was established as a charitable trust in 1999, making all donations to the ministry tax deductible, closely followed by establishing it’s own New Zealand ministry office in 2000. In 2010 the programme shifted broadcast from TV3 to Prime TV. Hour of Power is now broadcast on both Prime TV and Shine TV each week on Sunday mornings, and now episodes are also available online for you to watch anytime.

The broadcast of Hour of Power in New Zealand is only possible through generous donations of Kiwi viewers just like you. You can join our vision to share this message of love, dignity, and hope, each week in New Zealand. We would love you to partner with us!

Through our NZ office, you can access new resources to help you become a happy and whole students of Jesus. If you’d like a free copy of the message notes or a Study Guide to the current series, please contact the Hour of Power NZ Office, we’d love to hear from you!