How To Build Your Relationship with God


If you are wanting to start out on the journey of being a happy and whole disciple of Jesus Christ, we would like to help you take your first steps by learning a few of the foundations of Christianity.

Each of these messages covers an essential part of building our relationship with God:

  1. How to Go to Heaven – Trust your life to Jesus, and you will be saved. God is not here to condemn you, He loves you! Proclaim this over your life: I am saved because of what Christ has done for me.


2. How to Pray – God, as our Father, wants to hear from us. There is an intimacy there that is attainable for us all. When we pray, we pray in Jesus’ name. It is as if Jesus is praying. Don’t ever stop praying!


3. How to Read Your Bible – Reading your Bible is a blessing; it helps you to have the strength to endure suffering, to become a better person, and to know God. It will prepare you for life, and that’s why it’s important to read your Bible even during the best times in life.


4. How to Give – God challenges us to test His generosity through giving. To be a Christian is to pass on that generosity to others. No matter how much money you make, if you’re not a generous person, you will never feel like you’re succeeding. God loves a cheerful giver, so give and you will feel the positive effects!


5. How to Serve – Service should always be coming from a place of hospitality. When it comes to helping others, service is the minimum, but hospitality is the extra mile. Let’s find ways to be more hospitable to others.


6. How to Spend Time with Jesus – How do you connect with God? Through practicing the spiritual disciplines of silence & solitude, meditating on Scripture, fasting, and music, you can feel a closer relationship with Jesus.


7. How to Share Your Faith – There are many ways in which we can share our faith with others to spread the joy and love of God.