Hour of Power New Zealand


The Van Gogh Scenario

March 6, 2022

Rather than pursue recognition or credit or thanks, Bobby encourages us to pursue what God has individually called us to do.  You will be glad if you are true to […]

God Will Qualify You

February 26, 2022

Pastor Bobby encourages that if you’re going through a tough time, don’t allow fear or worry to consume you, but trust that in the end, God always has the victory, […]

Hey You! You Are Chosen

February 13, 2022

Pastor Bobby teaches that God can turn around whatever it is you’re going through and He will help you find the path you’re called to walk, with the message, “Hey […]

But God

January 30, 2022

Pastor Bobby welcomes back guest pastor Bayless Conley. Bayless is the founder of Cottonwood Church in Orange County, California. He also hosts the television program “Answers with Bayless Conley,” which […]

Crossing the Finish Line

January 16, 2022

Pastor Bobby reminds us to be faithful in the little things and God will bless us in the big things, with his message “Crossing the Finish Line.” Mariela Rosario is […]

Like a Lighthouse

January 2, 2022

Pastor Bobby teaches that God’s vision for us is that our lives would shine out into the world like a city on a hill, a safe place where people can […]

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