No Chaos in the Kingdom

“The Lord works out everything to its proper end…”

– Proverbs 16:4

There’s a theory in mathematics called the chaos theory, and though it’s way too complicated to explain here, in short, it refers to systems wherein a small change can cause a totally different outcome or result. For instance, though weather seems unpredictable, there are certain triggering events that lead to phenomena that are otherwise considered random. To give an example, what if a butterfly flapping its wings in New Mexico caused a hurricane in China? While this illustration seems absurd, it’s actually possible, and even better, there’s a great deal of spiritual truth reflected in it. Though many things in the world seem to be a matter of coincidence, and it can be hard to perceive a connection between cause and outcome, there is a Creator who knows the beginning from the end, and in His universe, everything is interwoven. Each era in history, each tragedy and triumph, each precious human life, and each seed sown in love has purpose, because all of them have the potential to commission something greater than themselves. No matter how small a change, gift, or act of compassion is when it begins, it has the power to move mountains, impact millions, and influence entire generations for the better. 

My friend, there is no chaos in the Kingdom of God! Regardless of how insignificant you feel or how confused you are by the current state of events, Jesus sees it all, and it makes perfect sense to Him. While your mind can’t conceive of the entirety of His greater purpose, He has given you the gift of faith to sustain you day-by-day. Though you may feel as if nothing you do really makes a difference, the truth is that His multiplying power is working in and through your smallest sacrifice to fashion a ripple effect that will be felt for generations. There is nothing trivial about tiny seeds sown in His Name, and as you continue carrying out your call as His ambassador, your life will become a lantern of hope in a world consumed by fear, distrust, and pain. Even better, He will use your story, your faithfulness, and your legacy to show His greatness to others for years to come!


Jesus, I ask you to use even my smallest acts to make a big difference in someone else’s future.


How have you been the benefactor of the ripple effect in your life? Whose past goodness has impacted your present?


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