“His disciples asked him, ‘Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?’”

– John 9:2

After Jesus and the twelve encountered the beggar who was blind from birth, the disciples’ response to their teacher was to ask Him who in the man’s family had sinned that he was born blind. Rather than assuming that he was the benefactor of serious misfortune, these inquiring students presumed that there was a spiritual reason for his disability. Despite the fact that not all sects of Pharisees taught such legalism, it’s clear that this was a prevailing view in that day. Though I want to believe that such thinking was common only to Old Testament scholars, I’m fairly certain that it still infects parts of the modern church. While denominations hold different views and interpretations of Scripture, the concept of a generational curse is frequently taught. Yes, it’s true that the Bible talks about the sins of fathers visiting their sons to the third and fourth generation (Exodus 34:7), but the blood of Christ breaks that cycle. As Christians, though we may need to work through the emotional or spiritual consequences of generational sin, God will not pour His wrath upon our bodies, punish us for things we didn’t do, or withhold victory over any form of bondage because of the actions of our relatives! In fact, when misfortune befalls us and we’re tempted to blame the past, Jesus invites us to receive His love and expect Him to meet us with power at our point of our deepest struggle.

My friend, your Savior’s blood set you free from the chains of sin, and every curse spoken over your life has been broken! While Satan seeks to remind you of your past and perpetuate the lie that you are stuck with your present struggles, it isn’t the truth. You are not what you’ve done or what’s been done to you — you are totally accepted, fully redeemed, fearfully and wonderfully made, and overflowing with the Holy Spirit’s life-changing potential. Regardless of how badly your parents or grandparents “messed up,” their mistakes can only keep you from embracing freedom if you allow them to. I urge you to grab hold of the power of the cross, seize the fullness of your redemption, and choose to live each day in God’s wonderful liberty.


Jesus, thank you for setting me free from the sins of past generations. I choose to live in the fullness of my redemption.


Do you struggle with the consequences of sin in your family line? Do you believe that Jesus has broken every chain? If so, how can you walk more fully in His freedom?


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  1. Really appreciate you guys for staying on media which is accessible and which inspires us beyond our excuses.

    This is a time to see and hear passion not excuses.

    Thanks for being there for Canadians also.

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