“Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.'”

– Matthew 19:26

Nothing is impossible with God! I remember a story about the famous mathematician George Dantzig when he was in college. One particular day, he was running late to class. When he finally got to his seat, he noticed a math problem on the board, so he hurriedly copied it down, assuming it was the homework for next week’s class. When he attempted to solve it later that night, he realized that it was very difficult — much more than the typical assignment. Although it took him some time, George didn’t give up, and he finally figured out the answer. Proud of his achievement, he went to his professor’s office and set the solution on his desk. Several weeks went by until early one morning, the young man heard a knock on his door — it was his professor, who exuberantly exclaimed, “George, you did it.” Bewildered, he inquired further, and the professor proceeded to explain that the problem he had written on the board that day was supposed to be unsolvable, but that George had figured it out. Why? Most likely because he didn’t believe that it was impossible.

Very often, as people of the world, we get stuck here; we buy into the lie that some things can’t be conquered. However, God’s Word says that with Him, nothing is impossible! Let me tell you, friend, that you don’t have to have the whole thing figured out before you start a journey of faith. Just take the first step and do the first thing. Pull out your pencil and start working on the problem that you face in your life; Jesus will meet you there with His exceedingly abundant power and before you know it, you will get to where He wants you to be.  


Jesus, thank you for your power that works in me to do the impossible!


Is there a situation in your life right now that seems impossible? What first step can you take as you move in the direction of conquering it?

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