“I know that you can do all things; no purpose of yours can be thwarted.” 

– Job 42:2

There is one thing at the root of every problem in the world – connecting with others and purpose. It is at the root of all sin, it is at the root of war, it is at the root of why our political parties can’t talk to each other. It is at the heart of every bad thing in this world because it’s the one great need that is not being met for most people – including many Christians. You’re called to connect deeply with others, and you’re called to co-create with God; you’re called to serve His purposes, His creation, and to keep and protect it. When we find our purpose or purposes in life and we have deep friendships and deep relationships, so much of the things that wrecked us before don’t have power over us anymore.


Thank you, God, for giving me purpose.


How can you better focus on God’s purpose for your life?

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