One Thought in the Right Direction

“Or take ships as an example. Although they are so large and are driven by strong winds, they are steered by a very small rudder wherever the pilot wants to go.”

– James 3:4

I worked on boats for many years, and gone are the days when captains used a big steering wheel to steer the boat. Today, most people use a little box called an autopilot. It has a destination on it, and a degree that indicates what direction you’re sailing in. To change the boat’s direction, you turn the little control knob on the autopilot in the direction you want. I noticed that if I turned the knob one degree, I would hardly notice the boat changing direction. However, after a couple of hours, you realize that you are miles away from where you would have been had you not shifted your direction by one degree.

Similar to the steering of a boat, this is what happens in your life when you change one thought in the right direction. What’s the difference between one little thought and another? I’ll share a couple of examples. When a baseball connects to a bat, that one centimeter could mean the difference between a home run and a ground out. How much does one degree of temperature matter? When you go from 33o to 32o, it’s the difference between liquids and solids.

Friend, you have the love of Jesus on your side to assist you in making small changes in your thinking and in the actions you take. Although these little changes in your life don’t seem like a big deal, they are hugely significant and will reshape you and impact others. Their importance cannot be overstated and are essential to put your life on the right course. As you change your life, continue to change your thoughts — one small change at a time! 


Father, help me Identify small changes I can make to reshape my life.


Are you aware that those around you can benefit from your small changes?

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