Open Up Your Life to Miracles

“Then Abraham prayed to God, and God healed Abimelek, his wife and his female slaves so they could have children again,”

– Genesis 20:17

Among the best ways to learn how to open up your life to miracles is to 1) Help someone or pray for someone who has what you want, or 2) Help someone or pray for someone who wants what you want. You will find that when you do this, you open up your world in a meaningful way. Something spiritual will happen and you’ll see God’s handiwork unfold before your eyes. 

In fact, it happened to Abraham and Sarah, who waited 25 years for the promise of their son, Isaac. During this time of waiting, they traveled through Gerar and encountered King Abimelek. The king was unable to have children, so Abraham prayed for him, his wife and their female servants. Through this prayer, it then became possible for the king and his household to have children — they received the miracle of healing! Shortly thereafter, Sarah also became pregnant, which is a testament to the fact that God will transform your life as you begin to pray for people who already have what you want, or want what you desire. 

Friend, if your heart was like a fist, it would change from a clenched fist to an open hand to both give and receive. When your goal and your dream is focused on helping others, it becomes a better and more achievable goal. You can build a team around it. You can get up in the morning. And when achieving these goals is not just about you, but other people, it makes it easier to make the sacrifice. The greater the benefit to other people, the more meaningful and worthwhile the effort and experience becomes. Helping others makes your God-given goals and dreams more achievable!


Father, let me be open to miracles by praying for others.


Have you ever prayed for someone who already has what you want?

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