“You open your hand  and satisfy the desires of every living thing.”

– Psalm 145:16

Right now, as you’re reading this, I want you to take your hands, rest them gently on your lap, and look at your hands and make them into fists. Keep looking at your hands. Clench them hard like you’re going to fight. Clench them like you’re holding onto your life and if you open them, you’re going to fall. Clench them like you want to punch somebody, like you’re angry, like you’re vindictive, like you’re ready to go to war. And when you look at your hands, think about all the stuff that makes you angry, hurt, frustrated. Your past, all the things you’re angry with God about, all the ways that He hasn’t answered your prayers or forgotten you. All of your frustration, you look at it, it’s there and clench harder. And now we invite you, Holy Spirit, into our bodies. And now very slowly, open your hands. Feel how your hands don’t want to open, and your knuckles and joints feel stiff. Relax your hands and say: “Lord, take these things from us. Our past, our present and our future, Lord, we trust our lives to you, the life of the open hand.” Now look at your hands — hands that can receive, hands that can heal, hands that can embrace. Lord, these are our lives. We give them to you.


God, I want to open my clenched fists to receive your blessings and goodness.


Are you living from an open hand or clenched fists?

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2 Responses

  1. I hope & pray that I’m living with an opened hand to GOD with the blessings that I can bless with others on a daily Basis starting with My Family at the homestead then going beyond and broad with helping others in need daily ! For that people with clenched fists to GOD saying that they don’t think

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