This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us

1 John 5:14

I don’t want to convince you that through prayer, you’re always going to get what you asked for. But I do want to convince you that prayer moves the needle. It does something; It changes the outcome. And this is so important. When we pray — maybe not all of us, but some part of us believes that God has the power — and He will respond to what I’m asking. If we believe, that moves the needle. If we believe, it moves the mountain. And this is why it is so important that we talk about it in terms of “Do It Yourself.” We don’t need somebody else to pray for things for us. God wants to hear your prayer as much as He wants to hear your pastor’s prayer, or the Pope’s prayer, or a priest’s prayer, or a saint’s — your prayer is as powerful as if Jesus Christ were praying it Himself. That’s what the Scripture teaches us. It teaches us what it means to live and speak and pray in Jesus’ name —  it means to do it as though Jesus Himself were doing it. Isn’t that great? Everything as believers we do in Jesus’ name, but when we pray, God is Listening … so believe. Open your heart and let God move.


Thank you, Lord, for the power of my prayer. Thank you for hearing me, and for loving me enough to listen and to respond. Give me patience when I don’t get the answer I want, and give me the strength to keep praying.


How can you truly pray in Jesus’ name today?

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