“A person’s wisdom yields patience; it is to one’s glory to overlook an offense.”

– Proverbs 19:11

I feel like our world is more offended today than it’s ever been; everybody’s offended about everything. I probably spend too much time on Twitter, but it seems like tweeting has just become a way people can air the latest thing they’re upset about. Whether it’s political or religious, society is quick to judge and quick to point the finger. I believe this is a danger. In fact, it appears that as a culture, we are teaching our children that being easily offended is a virtue; that if you take offense at something quickly, you have a good moral compass. In reality, nothing could be farther from the truth!

People ARE offensive. People can be racist. People oftentimes say things about our country that are unfair, or about the flag, or about our faith, or even about our looks. However, to become a mature believer means that we train ourselves not to react to these things out of pure emotion, but rather, to consider the heart of the person saying them. We make it a point to see the individual and assign them value so we can look beyond their words, views and opinions. This is the example Jesus set for us.

As disciples of the Good Shepherd, we can ascribe to others the dignity and love that He sees, by the power of His Spirit that works within us! Isn’t that awesome news?


Jesus, thank you for giving me new life in you so that I can overlook the offense of another and see their heart instead.


How can you get beyond your feelings in order to see value in the person you disagree with?

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