Overcome Evil with Good

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”

– Romans 12:21

Yesterday we encouraged you to not be fearful, and always share the reason for your hope in Jesus! I want to look further into the great question Paul asked: “Who is going to harm you if you do what is good?” Will God or good people harm you? The answer is a resounding no! God and people with sound character will not hurt us. So, who exactly will  harm you if you are good-natured? The answer is people of questionable character. So stop trying to get people of questionable character to like, love, appreciate, or root for you. That’s the kind of goodwill you’ll never receive from people like that. And I guarantee you this type of relationship will not be to your benefit.

I think it’s important to understand how people of uncertain character view love. Often, this type of person feels that love is what they feel towards you until they’re done using you. Or, they will be there for you until you have nothing left to give them. They will root for you until you have something they want, then they will attempt to destroy you. It is not advantageous to rely upon people like that. However, we can still respond in good nature to people who are mean, cruel, or lie. The Bible says don’t overcome evil with evil, but overcome it with good, thus bringing you peace and softening their hearts!

Friend, we all face numerous temptations as competition is all around us, whether it be friendly or hostile. It’s enticing to gossip, express hatred, transfer hostility, or operate fraudulently. With the help of the Holy Spirit, as we overcome evil with good, things will go better in our lives. This is another heavenly treasure!


Father, help me overcome every temptation to gossip or act in hatred. Show me how to continually do good.


Have you been enticed to return evil with evil? How can you respond with good actions?

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