Overcoming Fear Brings Freedom

“For everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith.”

– 1 John 5:4

When you overcome fear, it can bring you freedom. Allow me to illustrate this with a personal experience from the 7th grade. I went to a religious camp and 90 percent of it was about having fun. “The blob” as we called it, was one of the funnest things we experienced. A blob is a giant inflatable pillow that floats on the water, similar to a trampoline. It takes two people to create the magic. The first person sits on the edge of the blob, and the second person climbs up a platform, jumps onto the blob, and launches the first high into the air and into the water. 

I remember that summer being fearful, regretful, and ashamed of not enjoying the blob with the other kids. The next summer, my camp counselor encouraged me to do it. So I go up the platform and this tiny kid is looking at me with a scared look on his face, so I land on the blob with an intense cannonball, and he catapults high into the air. It was my turn and I was nervous. I look up, and my counselor, who is a 250-pound man, is ready to jump. The bigger the person jumping, the higher you fly. I yell, “Mike, no!” 

Friend, everything I was afraid of happened. A huge adult launched me from the blob, and I  flew through the air, belly-flopped, and looked awkward. Can you imagine my emotions after being launched and coming out of the water? My emotions were of joy, relief, being pumped, and 100 percent ready to do it again! I was freed from the fear that stood between me and what I really wanted to experience. With the help of the Holy Spirit, we can overcome our fears and experience freedom!


Father, help me to overcome fear and experience your freedom.


When you overcame a fear, did you feel joy and relief?

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7 Responses

  1. The LORD, and only the LORD, has helped me overcome my fears about life and the unknown. I use the Psalms every day and have found that I am calmer so I continue to do so. Pastor Bobby, I appreciate your reliance on the Word of God, the TRUTH, and thank you. So many pastors are not adhering nor using the Word of God. I have belonged to a denomination that is in the process of putting aside the word of God and even changing or negating some of His word to fit the “political correctness of today’s world controlled by Satan”. I have already unofficially disaffiliated from that denomination but am yet to hang my hat elsewhere. I live in the state of Georgia in the metro-Atlanta area in a small town of Oxford, GA. But the Hour of Power has always spoken to me. I followed it many years ago when your grandfather Robert Schuller founded the church etc. You are so much like him and I trust you because you preach the true correct Word of God. Praises to you!

  2. I have always been aware of a presence in my life from a very young age. When I was two I liives in a suburb in Sydney Australia. I was with my mother in a very busy street, she let go of my hand for just a moment. I saw my pop on the other side and just took off as fast as my two year old feet could take me. All my poor mum heard was screeching of brakes and people screaming. When she next sees me I was safely in my pop’s arms. This was a busy street with trams. Over the rest of my young years I was several times saved from being hit by cars. I always felt a loving presence near me even before I knew about GOD and Jesus. As teenager I got myself into some compromising situations

  3. Fear Not. I met you on the trip to Israel with your grandpa, the best trip we ever made. I have been a substantial supper for many years and Hour of Power is in my will. Your grandpa and I shared the same birthday

  4. Bobby, We watch every Sunday. Streaming live. We love everything God he gifted your church with. The beautiful music the choir sings. The special singers, the voices of hope are so precious as they lift their voices & their hearts to God, the orchestra is fabulous, your interviews with authors & others is always very interesting, we love seeing your family participate with you in the service. & most of all we love your sermons . We love how you teach the knowledge you have of the history of the meaning of words & the way you tell the life stories that blend with God’s Bible text. We always love to say the Creed “I AmThe Beloved of God”. Thank you Church for your beautiful outreach

  5. Yes most definitely.I felt such joy and relief.It happened at Dolphin Encounters Nassau Paradise Island Blue Lagoon.I interacted with a adorable dolphin named Corky.Getting into the water and playing with him.rubbing his belly.kissing him on his beak, and holding a fish in my hand And on command, he leapt out of the water and grabbed it.I said ,good boy.I even hugged him, and did my own version of the Bshamas Bolero.It was a beautiful experience.With treasured memories, that will last forever.I wish everyone at Hour of Power a most blessed Easter Season.To Pastor Bobby Schuller and his beautiful family,I pray that God will bless them with good health.To the worshiping community of Shepherd’s Grove at Irvine Presbyterian Church.Messages of Friendship Love and Peace.To the Hour of Power Choir and Orchestra and their Directors,Much appreciation and thanks for the beautiful and uplifting music and singing.As always I remain a faithful viewer and a Happy and Wholesome Student in Jesus Christ?May God bless all, and this beautiful country.The United States of America.Alleluia and Amen

  6. Bobby I have trouble on this area of my fath.I am currently looking for a new career and just can’t find what I m looking for. Need to see a doctor about so me health issues Iam facing.. have been praying that the Lord put me somewhere else. So far my prayers are going unanswered Please keep me in your prayers. Caroljones

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