Passion vs. Faithfulness

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.”

– Colossians 3:23

The world teaches that in order to find fulfillment in your work, you should follow your passion, but I want to argue against that idea today. This may come as a surprise to you since passion has become the ruler by which we measure vocational satisfaction (at least in this country), but I would assert that following passion doesn’t automatically make you the best at what you’re called to pursue.

I believe that good, fulfilling and passionate work comes from becoming really good at what you do. The point at which you become an expert in your field — a master craftsman — is the point at which you find true satisfaction in your career. Passion will not get you beyond an inevitable plateau, but endurance will propel you to the point of authentic confidence and incomparable skill. As you push through the hurdles and obstacles that fervor alone will not empower, and as you buckle down and continue pursuing your craft even when it’s not as fun, you will develop true grit! Passion may get you started on a journey, but it certainly won’t be enough to see you through. Faithfulness is the key to the pursuit of excellence and you must persist in it, even when the road is rough. Your best days will follow the tough ones, but only if you keep moving and refuse to give up.

Remember, as you begin to walk out your divine calling, the enemy will try to discourage you; be wise to his schemes and cultivate a grit that refuses to be moved off course. As you persist, your good and unchanging Father will help you every step of the way. He will pick up the slack and move the mountains in your path, because He has already gone before you. In Jesus, you are never alone on your journey; simply trust Him as you travel and watch your best life unfold!


Jesus, thank you for cultivating in me a grit and determination that will see me through to excellence in all that I am called to do.


Do you exercise true grit in your pursuits? If not, how might you become more persistent?

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